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Welcome to Doug's Gallery

A space where creativity and imagination come to life

Each photo here  is a creation by me, Douglas Carr. With a natural flair for creativity and a strong grasp of photographic principles, I push boundaries with every shot. My style often involves "painting with light," merging light and form in innovative ways. While editing enhances the finer details, the essence of my work is crafted through unique in-camera techniques. Enjoy :)


Website Under Construction

Our website is being updated to enhance your experience, but all pages are still accessible. To purchase any artwork, simply click on the photo. If you encounter any issues, please contact me directly, and I'll prioritize the edit. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Color Vibrations

"Color Vibrations" is my abstract series created using an in-camera technique that blends 2 to 10 images into one. These compositions may merge the same subject, different locations, or varying color profiles, creating a visual puzzle. For instance, Oslo natives might recognize boats from Rådhuskaien merged with the Opera House to create a unique fine art print. Dive in and discover hidden details that might surprise you.

B&W Vibrations


"B&W Vibrations" employs the same techniques as "Color Vibrations," but with monochrome tones to craft a visual puzzle. For instance, have you ever seen such a unique interpretation of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Oslo? Enjoy my creations as you explore and uncover hidden details that might surprise you.

Urban Motion

DSC_5631_OrangeBlitz .jpg

A camera technique capturing the essence or illusion of motion from urban enviorments through precise camera settings and/or deliberate movements, available in both color and black & white.

Nature Motion

DSC_0243 .jpg

Using techniques similar to Urban Motion, this series captures the dynamic essence of nature. Plants and flowers come to life through creative, in-camera methods, transforming natural scenes into vibrant, fluid art


DSC_5442 .jpg

I capture architecture with a fine art approach, blending classic elegance with fresh, innovative compositions and in-camera techniques that offer a new perspective on familiar structures in all weather conditions.

On The Streets


As a creative urban photographer, "On The Streets" captures the essence of city life through compelling compositions and innovative in-camera techniques, revealing the stories and experiences of urban life.



"Tribal" is a limited edition fine art photo series capturing the essence of the Himba tribe in Northern Namibia. These images, taken during a photo tour, showcase a community steadfast in their traditional ways amidst a rapidly changing world.



"Wild" is a curated collection of my finest images from five years exploring the wilds of Southern Africa. Captured during my photographic safaris, this series reflects my deep passion for wildlife. While I miss the untamed landscapes, I look forward to new adventures. Explore the link below if interested in photographic safaris.

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